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Addresses governance concerns around management of PII and other sensitive data
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Enterprises constantly make copies of production application data to support development, testing, QA and business analysis. While most organizations have locked down their production environments sensitive data in non-production environments is exposed to broad communities of internal and external users.
Test data sets can contain sensitive information such as taxpayer IDs, employee names, addresses, and dependent(s) information, credit card numbers, and intellectual property or classified information. Data theft prevention, sound governance practices and the need to satisfy compliance requirements for PCI, HIPAA, PII, GLBA and SOX make it imperative that organizations implement the necessary processes to identify and protect this sensitive information.
Main features:
- Addresses governance concerns around management of PII and other sensitive data.
- Pre-defined search criteria for credit card numbers, social security numbers, national provider identifiers, bank accounts, birth dates, and several other sensitive data types.
- Improves risk management by identifying sensitive data in application schemas
- Enterprise class software; no network hardware required
- Scans networks to locate deployed database instances
- Searches across multiple heterogeneous databases and file systems for sensitive data
- Highly efficient, two-stage database search process reliably identifies sensitive data that other data search approaches miss
- Runs interactively through an easy-to-use GUI, or on a scheduled basis ,to produce audit-ready risk management reports
- Supports Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Teradata, Sybase, and Microsoft Access databases

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